Information dissemination

Information dissemination is a basic value of UNESCO's work and it has high priority in the world heritage areas. Information dissemination has a key function in the protection work and in creating new activity that contributes to positive development in the area.

There are large amounts of information available about the West Norwegian Fjords world heritage area. A series of written studies and assessments in different professional fields have been produced, and there are also many books and articles about the area, the people of the fjord and mountainside farms. There are also wonderful scenery descriptions and documentation about the culture and customs of the mountain pasture farms. Storytelling and dissemination is solidly anchored in these sources.

The best form of dissemination is always at the location where the story is physically situated. The focus of information dissemination about the West Norwegian Fjords is of course on the natural and cultural qualities underpinning its status as a world heritage object. This is the basis of all dissemination work.

West Norwegian Fjords has started a series of dissemination projects since the area was inscribed on UNESCO's list of the world's natural heritage. Information centres have opened up, brochures and information boards have been developed and the boards are placed in strategic information points. The secretariat has also been actively carrying out dissemination work through commissioning talks about the world heritage area, professional lectures. Information visits to schools, organisations and local residents, and speeches on the topic of world heritage are also examples of important dissemination activities.