Logo and identity development

A logo/identity has been developed for the world heritage area Vestnorsk. The logo has been developed in close cooperation with the design agency ElleMelle in Ålesund. Otherwise representatives for both area parts have been involved; the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management, the Directorate for Cultural Heritage and the county governors.

There were three aspects to West Norwegian Fjords' embarking on the work to develop their own logo and identity for the area:
- A desire for identity building
- The need for gathering 6 municipalities and three counties around an important issue
- Creating a clear recipient and identity in public relations

In the logo process we emphasised words such as Arv, Vern and Rik, and the objective was to create a future oriented and professional expression with the right symbolism and meaning. The final logo and identity of West Norwegian Fjords eventually got a round design with clear symbolism relating to:
- The natural environment
- Protection
- Posterity
- Two area parts – two geographically divided fjord landscapes – united in an important issue (sense of community)

The identity has a clear relationship to the world heritage emblem, where the circle in this emblem encompasses all the natural objects on the world heritage list, (while the square in the middle is the symbol for the manmade and cultural objects on the world heritage list).

The secretariat for West Norwegian Fjords had the central task of coordinating the development of the logo and identity for West Norwegian Fjords. The work took a lot more time than expected, since the work group planned a high degree of local connection during the development. Funds from geo-tourism investment supported by Innovation Norway made it possible to complete the work.