World heritage information centre

In connection with the official marking of the world heritage status for West Norwegian Fjords in June 2006, the information centre for the world heritage area was opened at the Norwegian Fjord Centre in Geiranger. The then Minister for the Environment Helen Bjørnøy proceeded over the opening.

In the information centre you can experience the drama of the landscape and its impact on the senses, through a multi-visual presentation of the world heritage area West Norwegian Fjords. The presentation gives you an insight into the basis for the inscription and a brief description of the two geographically separate parts of the total area; Geirangerfjord area and Nærøyfjord area. The presentation gives you a closer insight into topics such as geology and landforms, flora and fauna, animal life and cultural historical landscapes. Many consider these fjords the very symbol of Norway, the foremost fjord country in the world. This might be the reason why the Norwegian word "fjord" is part of the international language.

The centre offers a powerful "experience of nature" through a beautiful cinematic journey. The presentation shows the Geirangerfjord area during four contrasting seasons.

A walk around the permanent exhibition in the centre takes you on a historic journey 100 years back in time. You walk through an interactive landscape including the culture
around the fjord and the farms in the Geirangerfjord area. You can experience buildings, see old farm tools, feel the shaking on the fjord ferry and feel the "rush of wind" from the snow avalanche thundering down the steep landscape.

The centre is in possession of solid knowledge about the world heritage area and staff members are happy to answer your questions. We can also advise you if you want experienced and local guides familiar with the area, who can help provide you a safe and unique experience of the natural environment in the world heritage area!

During the official opening of the world heritage area in 2006 school children from the five schools in Tafjord, Dalsbygda, Eidsdal, Sunnylven and Geiranger made a magnificent work of art that was unveiled by H.M. Queen Sonja on June 12. The artist Terje Fagermo was also involved in the design of this work. The work of art has received a new location and "packaging" with the help of funds received from the Minster for the Environment in 2006. It is now displayed outside the entrance to the Norwegian Fjord Centre, and visitors can view both the front and the back of the creative paintings. Through their pictures the children want to communicate different aspects of the world heritage landscape:
• The fjord – painted by Geiranger school
• The rivers and waterfalls – painted by Sunnylven school
• The cultural historical landscape – painted by Eidsdal school
• The mountain – painted by Tafjord school
• The mountain pasture landscape – painted by Dalsbygda school
The wonderful result can be experienced in the open every day, and it has already become a popular photo motif from the world heritage area!

Norwegian Fjord Centre also has temporary exhibitions with themes relevant to the world heritage and the natural and cultural values underpinning this status.
The centre also has a small shop and cafe, and great emphasis is put on local and Norwegian design and taste. The Norwegian Fjord Centre wants to be a pleasant meeting point for everyone who comes to visit us.
In 2013 the work to extend the centre started and the ambition is to "put the spade in the ground" in the autumn of this year.