The brochure West Norwegian Fjords

The State party is responsible for developing information brochures for the seven world heritage properties in Norway.

The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management (DN) and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage (RA) have jointly published the information brochure West Norwegian Fjords. The brochure is published in the Nynorsk form of Norwegian and the languages English and German.

The brochure provides a good introduction to why West Norwegian Fjords made it on the world heritage list, and it also contains useful information about the area.

Contact the secretariat for West Norwegian Fjords to receive a printed copy of the brochure.

Information brochures about other parts
Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park and the foundation Geirangerfjord World Heritage have developed their own brochures about the respective areas and the work and investments that are carried out in the individual locations.

The information brochures are available in printed format from Nærøyfjorden Verdsarvpark or the foundation Geirangerfjorden Verdsarv.