Management plan

Two management plans have been prepared for West Norwegian Fjords, one for the Geirangerfjord area (North) and one for the Nærøyfjord area (South). The link to these plans is given below.

The management plans are intended to create a basis for positive development in the world heritage area, which secures the natural and cultural values. A management plan for a protected area is supposed to promote the objective of the protection. The management plan must provide further guidelines for turning the protection regulations into practice. The plan is an overarching management tool for the authorities to ensure that national and political recommendations for nature conservation in Norway are followed up in practice. Within this framework traditional activities should be protected and developed. Positive local community development based on sustainable use is the fundamental principle of management.

The management plans should provide an overview of issues relevant to the relationship between protection and use and outline measures that can promote balanced management within the framework set by the objectives of protection. The management plans must also be able to advise on the design of more detailed management plans and various developmental and facilitation measures.

Links to the management plans:

Geirangerfjord area: 

Nærøyfjord area: