Municipal sector plan area

The West Norwegian Fjords world heritage area also includes an area that is not protected under the Natural Environment Protection Act, but which is managed through regulation plans and municipal sector plans. The area mainly includes residential areas and a sea area inside the world heritage object.

Residential areas that are inside the boundaries of the world heritage property must be managed in such a way that natural and cultural heritage values are not impaired. It is very important to secure the complete landscape across the boundaries of the protected area. The residential areas will mainly be managed in accordance with the Planning and Building Act.

In the Geirangerfjord area there is a residential area in Stranda municipality and a sea area in Tafjorden (3.7 km²) in Norddal municipality. The residential area includes the municipal sector plan for Geiranger (8.5 km²).

Most residential areas in the Nærøyfjord area are in Aurland municipality (Nærøydalen and Gudvangen, Undredal, Bakka, Dyrdal and Breisnes). The Stalheimsøyni and Sivlesøyni farms in Voss municipality are the exception.