Local foundations

The world heritage work is also carried out by local foundations.
The foundation Geirangerfjorden Verdsarv is a voluntary foundation with ideological aims established by the municipalities in Norddal and Stranda along with Møre og Romsdal county council. The foundation is based in the Norwegian Fjord Centre in Geiranger and the primary areas of the work are:
Primary areas of work:
• Dissemination of information about the natural heritage West Norwegian Fjords
• Collaboration for sustainable and green development
• Conservation through the restoration of cultural monuments, for example
• Competence building around the world heritage values
• Be an arena for scientific research on the area/object

Nærøyfjorden World Heritage Park is a foundation established by the municipalities Aurland, Vik, Lærdal and Voss, along with Sogn og Fjordane county council. The partners are residents with enthusiasm for the area in which they live and work. The partnership agreement is entered into between the park and individuals, businesses, or clubs and organizations. Through the agreement the partners join a network and contribute with initiatives and with their particular skills. This way the partners reinforce their initiatives while they are jointly safeguarding and developing this unique area.

The two local foundations are connected through the overarching world heritage area and through collaboration on the relevant technical areas.
The World Heritage Area is composed by representatives from the local authorities, the county councils, the county governors, the Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage. They have meetings twice annually and discuss issues that are relevant to the world heritage area West Norwegian Fjords.