Plants and animals

West Norwegian Fjords present a rich and varied flora and fauna.

The short distance between the fjord and the high mountains and very favourable local climatic conditions allow mountain flowers to grow side by side with species usually associated with more southern latitudes. There is great diversity and variation of plant species in this steep fjord landscape. On land with a long history of cultivation, rare species have developed over time, requiring grazing and hay harvesting for their survival.

The world heritage area is home to a varied animal life including mammals, birds, fish and insects. Many of them are on the "red list", while others are species for which Norway has a special responsibility. Wild reindeer, arctic fox, lynx, otter, lemmings, white backed woodpecker and porpoise are examples of such species. Bird life ranges from sea birds and waders along the fjords to woodland birds on the valley sides to species typical of Norwegian high mountains. In all, hundreds of species breed inside the world heritage area.